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Kids of different ages have different needs.  We have tailored our programs to meet the development needs of your child, while nurturing their growth.

Classes & Programs: We think of our students in four main groups: "Ready to Learn," "Three Years Old," "Ready for School," and "Fun Club."

"Ready to Learn" are the 18-36 months olds.  Our teachers and staff encourage these small, busy people as they investigate their growing world.  We especially encourage self-help and language development.

"Three Years Old" have a program that includes literacy, math, science components and appreciation of books.  Activities include singing, reading, creative art, and ample time for social interaction.

"Ready for school" are the 4-6 year olds, who have a program designed to prepare them for kindergarten.  We encourage pre-reading, pre-math, pre-science skills and concepts.

"Fun Club" are part of our school-age program.  My Room to Grow Preschool is a safe, happy place to spend time before and after school.